Advanced Training for Supervisory Boards of Financial Institutions with Directors Academy Financial Services Resource

Directors Academy Financial Services Resource (Directors Academy FSR) is a highly efficient way for supervisory board members of financial institutions to meet their ongoing training obligations, including provision of evidence.

Directors Academy Financial Services Resource



Directors Academy FSR is a multimedia specialist information and training resource for financial institution supervisory boards. It is designed for advanced professional training and reference and is exclusively online. The content comprises two thirds short information videos supplemented by a range of written material from presentations to legal texts, is aimed at the governing bodies of private banks. It also addresses some specific requirements for savings and cooperative banks.



Topics cover the essential knowledge that is required from the specific perspective of a supervisory body. An expert editorial team is responsible for monitoring the regulatory environment along with regulatory and market requirements.

Usage of Directors Academy FSR is based on streaming and no download is necessary. Consequently, current information and the most recent films can be accessed at any time.

Directors Academy FSR is designed to allow individuals and boards to continually refresh their knowledge – it is ideal for director induction and is geared towards individual selflearning.

Updates are provided as quarterly briefing notes that cover topics for the next session along with case studies and specific issues. National and European regulatory authorities are familiar with the concept of and the content provided by Directors Academy FSR.

These topics are included in the module:

  • Functions and responsibilities of the members of the Supervisory and Administrative Boards
    Special features of savings banks/cooperative banks/banks
  • Functions and responsibilities of the members of the Supervisory and Administrative Boards
  •  Cooperation with the supervisory authority
  • Minimum Requirements for Risk Management (MaRisk)
  • Compliance
  • Basic principles of balance sheet/accounting
  • Institute Compensation Ordinance

Full Table of Contents

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Value added for the supervisory board


Continuous refreshment of knowledge

Directors Academy FSR is a trusted partner, regularly producing short, concise information videos on current issues and continually expanding its extensive educational media library.


Efficient time management through film presentations at supervisory board meetings

Showing the most recent and relevant films before or after board meetings, with confirmation of participation for submission to the regulatory authority, subsequently issued to attendees by Directors Academy Financial Services, enables on-site training to be structured in a company-specific and efficient way.


Online reference source

Directors Academy FSR is particularly useful as a reference source, either for meeting preparation or a more in-depth look at individual issues and is always easily accessible from everywhere through all devices.


  • Single Business Access € 1,350.00 * 
  • Board conditions:
    Terms and conditions are based on the size of the supervisory board. They include an additional set of three business access rights for internal use (e.g. legal department, committee office):

All business access rights include 12 months access to the entire content, quarterly briefing updates and continuing professional development videos for the supervisory board. For a full overview click here.


  • Fulfils director’s obligation to keep current and abreast
  • Provides regulatory evidence of participation
  • Continuously updated and accessible